west stow carp syndicate

The Carp Syndicate supports Plumpton Fishery department and they are running a fantastic after school class.. if you’re in the area and can get to Plumpton its a great opportunity to learn and best of all, It’s free and you also get a chance to fish their lake ! It is to be used for members to share captures and news with each other, and of course for us to share news relating to the fishery with our members. We actively encourage our members to feed the fish and look for members that understand that bait improves the the size and quality of the stock. For our international anglers, the Thinking Tackle Online has subtitle support for the following countries. At NS Fisheries we have an ongoing stocking programme covering all of our waters. Proper carp tactics be prepared to wait, can be hard, fish are wise. To access the subtitles in you preferred language, click … Welcome to the website for the Nunnery and West Stow Lake Fisheries, two of the premier big carp fishing venues in Norfolk and Suffolk. We interview every potential member before adding to the waiting list. The lakes are stocked with Mirror and Common Carp, as well as Tench, Roach and Rudd. The Stow is a great venue when looking for carp venues near London, again it has a lot of history. On Site There is ample parking, a toilet and drinking water tap. Some members have access to the lakes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The lake was the home of one of the oldest and most sought after carp in the county of Suffolk, The Dragon, which unfortunately finally passed on at the end of 2013, at the ripe old age of 50, one of the swims has been renamed in his honour. Website by WEDO. Chad Pool is a fishery where you can catch carp in an uncrowded, peaceful environment. Info: Syndicate Lake Click here to view full details for West Stow Country Park Lake Click thumbnail photos below to enlarge. Our carp are from a number of different strains, and we have a wide variety of scale patterns on the mirrors, with lots of very attractive young fish in the lake at the moment . Both fisheries are noted for the quality opportunity they provide to fish for large numbers of stunning twenty, thirty and forty pound plus carp in quiet and unspoilt surroundings. Our experience is in domestic house refurbishments, new build, community projects and urban interventions. Please bear with me. The lake is also fully otter fenced to help maintain the safety of our valuable stock from predation. Please share. It is located in the Midlands in a secluded setting just off the A428 between Crick and West Haddon in Northamptonshire. I mentioned the NS fisheries at West Stow and Nunnery, depending on size of fish you are after, you do have Ladywood lakes in Nacton, or if you need to stay local, might have to consider GAPS Causeway or Alderson lakes. The moustache didn't come until the 80's . Two of these commons have been caught weighing over 40lbs in the last couple of years, and both of them are still growing. The lakes offer big carp and general carp fishing, with carp to 40lb (May 2017) Short stay/Holiday fishing is also available. We will be here soon Some parts of the lake are out of bounds. This is how I met up with a Carp older than me (37 at the time) and the most sought after Carp in the 17 acre Suffolk lake. Every swim on the lake offers the angler opportunity and variety in the right conditions. In the last couple of months, we have managed to completely replace our otter fence around the…, With our season starting at the lakes on the 16th June, we have five remaining syndicate places available on our…, All available winter memberships for both the Nunnery and West Stow for the 2018-19 season have now been allocated, so…. West Stow Country Park syndicate fishes on the mature gravel pit, situated on the edge of the country park, beside the River Lark in Suffolk. Getting round the lake will require a carp barrow of some description as there is no vehicle access around it. Finally after a 3 week wait my syndicate was reopened and I managed to get back down to see if I could repeat my previous success and capture another one of those tricky West Stow carp. The Nunnery Lakes are located a short distance to the south west of the Norfolk town of Thetford. We produce socially, economically and environmentally beneficial design. Always great to see new fish growing through to big sizes in our waters, with this recent, fine looking 31lb 4oz common to Jason Coates being another case in point. This fish is the 5th different carp to go through the 30lbs mark for the first time in the lake so far this season, and there’s plenty of others in there with the potential to do the same if they get caught. © Norfolk & Suffolk Fisheries 2020 - All rights reserved. Carp run to 40lbs,some named and famous locally. West Compton Manor Lakes Fishing Syndicate Membership of the syndicate is done on an annual basis and allows access to fish the lakes on the private estate of West Compton Manor. If you wish to apply for an interview to join the waiting list please fill out the form below. Prices: Membership Only Syndicate West Architects is an architectural design studio purposefully positioned in the heart of our community, Walthamstow, E17. Our carp fishery was established in 1980 and consists of four lakes. There is already a number of fish over the 30lb mark present in the lake, and the 2019-20 season has also seen 5 of our new young fish go through the 30lbs mark for the first time, with numbers of other fish with the potential to do the same yet to be caught. Proper carp tactics be prepared to wait, can be hard, fish are wise. If you have any more info please contact us. Situated on the edge of the country park, beside the River Lark in Suffolk. Looking for fisheries in your local area? I didn't know it at the time but the 12th season on the West Stow Carp syndicate would be my last. The lake bed has a varying topography, with bars, plateaus, gullies, gravel, sand, clay & silt. There are very few syndicates with as little members as this around, making it perfect for the angler with limited time.

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