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Maintained all aspects of safe operation, truck maintenance, reporting, and logging. The most dependable resume format for a professional car driver’s resume is the reverse-chronological format.This format is widely recognized and accepted by many hiring corporations and individuals looking to hire a driver… for professional photography. Professional Drivers transport passengers or cargo to the destination. The ability to follow company guidelines is also important. It is very important that you provide information about the work experience as a driver, as it is very important for employers who are considering your resume to hire you for the mentioned job position. Responsible for inspecting the tractor, daily trip planning, customer service, and safe driving. Your resume works as a tool to show your interest and talents that suit the job … My experience includes hauling almost all Hazardous Materials. Assured that the vehicle is maintained in excellent condition and is cleaned regularly and in-depth knowledge of vehicle maintenance is applied. Partnered with dispatchers to schedule changes in transportation for clients in line with their needs. Made inventories & records of the furniture, material, and supplies received for delivery. Tanker Truck Driver, Forklift Experience, and Over The Road Experience are still quite common, and a respectable share of skills found on resumes for Professional Driver … I understand how to stack and secure a load. Documenting a risk or incident, relaying resolution processes/actions taken to resolve issues. Experience as an OTR driver of 18-wheeler averaging 3,000 miles per week with 14 month long- hauls. Maintaining professionalism, communicate with clients and company, and maintain dot and federal laws of operation. Use our truck driver resume sample and a template! Demonstrating excellent driving skills and ability to perform physically demanding tasks within extreme time restraints. Managed time wisely to improve deliveries and company impact on distribution networks. Communicate using cellular telephone or 2-way radio with dispatch, operations, and plant personnel. Maintained trip logs in compliance with FMCSA regulations. Bring an employer my ability to adapt to situational and environmental changes. Proven multi-tasker, team player, and a continuous learner. Objective : Professional Driver, adept at navigation and efficient, on-time deliveries. Proficiently formulating and meeting goals directly related to organizational success through accurate calculation and resourcing of equipment and personnel for transportation assignments. Professional Driver Resume. Skills:. Looking for cover letter ideas? Owner/Operator for Swift Transportation,Melton Trucklines,Gold Spur Trucking,JBS Carriers,P&S Transportation,Central Oregon Truck Co. 600,000+ mi driven, 0 accidents, 0 moving violations, Maintain an organized and efficient loading and unloading system, Verify all items listed on the work order or sales ticket are loaded and delivered, Ensure all tickets presented to the office are correct, Present a copy of each transaction to the customer after each delivery, Report any unsafe equipment or working conditions to your supervisor, Performed pre-trip and post-trip inspection. Delivered and made sure that each is well accounted for the organization of furniture so as to utilize space in the truck for transport. Processed shipment documents neatly and efficiently for each load. Apart from a CDL and some experience, you require a well written professional driver resume in order to apply for the job. Transporting finished goods and raw materials plants or distribution plants or retail and distribution centers. Coordinate vehicle inspections and repairs and troubleshoot vehicle malfunctions on the road. Your best strategy when creating a driver resume is to focus on the last 10-15 years of your experience. Only once you obtain your license will you become employable as a professional truck driver and be paid on average $30,000-40,000 annually. Demonstrated the ability to deal peacefully with unforeseen circumstances or delays, and uses advanced driving techniques to better improve time management and safety. The most sought-after qualifications for the post include the following – the ability to follow traffic rules and regulations, knowledge of using GPS and other navigation systems, awareness and being experienced with local routes; ability to lift and move heavy items, knowledge of area roads; and a polite and professional disposition. Operated multiple types of combination vehicles (Refrigerated and Van) to transport multiple types of goods and materials. Maintained accurate logs and records of daily regulated activities. Responsible for driving a tractor-trailer on dedicated routes carrying various car parts for a motor company. Reviewed invoices with customers and obtain shipper and receiver authorizations and signatures. Skills : Law Enforcement, Security, Management, Investigations, Public Relations, Construction, Word Perfect, Computer. Skills : Inventory Management, Work Center Supervisor, Customer Service, Data Entry, Problem Solving, CDL Class A. Teaching new drivers about the importance of safety, as well as company policy. Easily adaptable to changing environments with the ability to implement changes immediately. Loaded and unloaded merchandise, reviewed deliveries at the terminal destination to ensure customer satisfaction. Maintained clear and consistent communication with individuals that are being served. Maintained Class A CDL with Haz-Mat and tanker endorsements with no infractions. Verified and assisted site personnel with the unloading of shipments using multiple types of equipment. Great map and navigational skills and able to follow verbal geographic directions. Ensured the safe transportation of passengers via Para transit vehicles. Have strapped loads with both straps and load locks. Writing a great CDL Driver resume is an important step in your job search journey. Responded to special requests and resolved problems directly and through appropriate channels. Displaying excellent safety standards that are expected from the company. Professional Drivers transport passengers or cargo to the destination. Committed to high standards that achieve profitable results. To acquire a professional truck driver position where I would not only meet, but surpass my employer's expectations. Many employers use an Applicant Tracking System to decide which resumes to consider for further review. Transported and delivered freight which includes loading and unloading of the goods undamaged, punctual, and in an efficient manner. Delivered goods within the allotted time frame while operating a tractor-trailer truck over long or short distances, Maintained detailed log of on the road activities/ fueling cost/ distances traveled and communicated incidences to base using computer operated systems and radio technologies, Adhered to company guidelines and regulations, Upheld a good rapport with both the clientele and the company. Skills : Combination Vehicles, Manual Or Automatic, Inventory Management, Work Center Supervisor. Summary : Professional Driver/Owner-Operator possessing excellent customer service skills with demonstrated ability in de-escalation. Maintaining log books to record miles, hours, and costs incurred during trips. Driver Resume Skills. It is a good idea to start off by reviewing a variety of driver resume samples to gain ideas … Reinforced and upheld DOT regulations, OSHA requirements, and company policies and procedures. Extensive knowledge of state vehicle laws. Comparing and verifying shipping label and packing slip to parts for accuracy. Drove the conductors through the rail yard to line switches and derails. Expertly and safely transported a broad range of equipment/ products utilizing pneumatic bulk trailers, straight trucks, flat-beds, and tankers, heavy-medium, and light vehicles. Knowledge of safe working practices, emergency procedures, and possible dangerous situations. Kept accurate client records, and managed fee collection and deposits. Communicating with the planner, dispatchers, other drivers, and customers by means of wireless devices and onboard computers. Work Summary:. Having eleven years of combined O.T.R. A safe and compliant driver. Maneuvered tractor-trailer combinations for the stretched duration of time, over long distances, terminals between yards or work sites, and company/customer facilities. Recognized for Customer Service satisfaction. Loaded, unpacked and packed items, disassembled and assembled furniture for residential and commercial accounts provided safe, on-time, and dependable transportation with a safe driving record. Phil’s … Can use both manual and automatic transmissions. Traveled to test sites domestically and abroad to meet company needs and goals. Obtained all endorsements loads curtain van/flatbed trailer with product utilizing forklift and pallet-jack. Conducted a daily safety inspection of vehicle completion of logbooks according to DOT regulations. © 2020 Job Hero Limited. Complying with truck driving rules and regulations (size, weight, route designations, parking and break periods) as well as with company policies and procedures. Transported goods and materials across the country, Planned trip logistics and obtained necessary documents to deliver freight, Ensured cargo is secured properly and compliant with safety regulations, Performed pre-trip, in-route and post trip on vehicle, Monitored for damage goods and reported accordingly, Compliant with company policies and procedures, Planned trip logistics and obtained necessary documents to transport goods, Ensured cargo is secured properly compliant with safety requirements, Followed safety procedures for transporting hazardous goods, Performed pre-trip, en-route and post-trip inspection of vehicle, Recorded cargo information, hours of service, distance travelled and fuel expenditure, Communicated with dispatcher, other drivers and customers by means of wireless devices and on-board computers. Data entry of claims within specified time frames. Have used both automatic and manual pallet jacks. Objective : A professional and fully endorsed Driver/Dispatcher having 4 plus years of over the road (OTR) experience. Inspecting vehicles for mechanical items and safety issues and perform preventative maintenance. Reliable, punctual, and professional … Transported clients utilizing a gurney with the assistance with another team driver in order to properly secure individual in the vehicle for transport. Successful resume samples highlight a high school or general education diploma and a valid commercial driver… Driving a 18 Wheeler over the road as a team or single driver. Negotiated environments conducive to the profession, relay relevant information to the supervisor about trip information and current assignment. Summary : Professional Driver/Assistant Night Dispatcher with over 7 years of customer service experience. Very strong in the 90, 45, and straight backing methods. Conducted daily DOT pre-trip inspections according to a set checklist. Resume Builder. Summary : Professional Driver with 10 years of experience. Provided pre-trip and post-trip inspections and submitted paperwork accurately, Maintained compliance records with State and Federal regulations, Maintained a professional appearance and attitude when communicating with all shippers and receivers, Participated in all mandatory safety clinics determined by [company name], Achieved high customer satisfaction for professional driving and providing safe door-to-service, Keep track of daily monologue, both paper and digital, Collected patrons fares and turned in recorded amount at end of tour, Provide safe lift service for wheel-chair and handicap patron accessible to use it, Absolutely makes sure all patrons are secure and seat-belted before driving at every pick up or drop off, Certified [company name] with all endorsements and no restrictions, Professional company driver for Swift Transportation. Professional Driver Resume Examples. DRIVER RESUME TEMPLATE (TEXT FORMAT) SUMMARY. Reporting any incidents to the dispatcher, following all appropriate traffic laws, keep truck and associated equipment tidy and in good working order. Summary : Motivated Professional Driver focused on efficiently and safely navigating routes to guarantee incident-free, on-time deliveries. Maintained temperature controlled freight for fresh product delivery. Strong auto mechanical background and … Hold it to one page, avoid large blocks of text, and include an appropriate … Adhered to state and federal regulations governing the safe operation of a commercial motor vehicle. Performed basic vehicle maintenance tasks such as adding oil, fuel and radiator fluid and performing minor repairs. Just like your truck, your truck driver resume should be clean and professional-looking (and not too tricked-out or gimmicky). Developing and using collaborative relationships to facilitate the completion of team goals. Maintained situational awareness throughout all duties and responsibilities. Professional Driver/Owner-Operator Resume Summary : Professional Driver/Owner-Operator possessing excellent customer service skills with demonstrated ability in de-escalation. Set up and transport hazardous materials, following set procedures and safety precautions. Maintained all necessary documentation and ensured on-time pick-ups and deliveries to ensure customer satisfaction and compliance with FMCA. Christopher W. Garcia 371 Moliere Boulevard Flint, MI 37822 (742) 343 6742 Objective: To obtain the driver's position in a professional transport … Tools. Maintained safe vehicle operation in all types of weather conditions in compliance with company, state and federal regulations. Summary : Professional Truck Driver driver seeking local or dedicated driver position. Checked and inspected all furniture for any damages and made adjustments to consistently ensure safety. Completed daily log sheets to accurately provide complete route logs and miles. Operated equipment such as CB radios and telephones to exchange necessary information with bases, supervisors and other drivers. Reliable, punctual, and professional at all times. Coordinated daily delivery schedules according peak delivery times and alternate routes. Accurately conducting pre- and post-trip inspections of truck, trailer, equipment, and cargo to ensure operational readiness and completion of assignment operations. Followed road safety precautions and traffic laws on all trips. If your career is the open road, you want to take the route that leads you to the best … Proven multi-tasker, team player, and a continuous learner. Great speaking skills to convey pertinent information to passengers. Maintained logs of working hours and of vehicle service and repair status, following applicable state and federal regulations. Maintaining open lines of communication via radio or telephone to/from destination and onsite. Inspected vehicles, and checked gas, oil, and water levels prior to departure. Resume Builder Create a resume in 5 minutes. Performed minor vehicle maintenance on the vehicle upon inspection with checks of vehicle fluids, safety equipment, and fueling of vehicle daily. December 1, 2020 resume resume examples [First Name] [Last Name] Contact Address: [street] [Country] [City] [State/Province] [Zip Code] Contact Number: (012)-345-6789. The best examples from thousands of real-world resumes, Handpicked by resume experts based on rigorous standards, Tailored for various backgrounds and experience levels, Hospitality, Tourism, And Wine/business Management, Broadcast And Communications Department Program. Expertise in database user software to log information at the end of every workday. Hooked and unhooked trailers from the tractor and converter dollies. Operated a tractor-trailer combination to transport freight to multiple destinations across the U.S within urban, suburban and rural locations in a safe and timely manner. Utilized the tablet that is installed in the vehicle in order to access daily route manifest in order to correctly complete route in a timely manner. Drive and operate vehicle safely under 15 mph in and around the Ford Chicago Assembly Plant and storage lot/staging areas. An ATS scans the documents for keywords that match the requirements in the job posting, and Word makes it easy to input the documents into the ATS. Find out what is the best resume for you in our Ultimate Resume Format Guide. Ability to drive in all type of conditions, and able to delivery freight all over the world including NYC. Choose the best template - Choose from 15 Leading Templates. Deliver product to and pick up product from specified locations, Operated and drove different kinds of trucks to transport goods over long distances. Certified trainer as well as a self-motivated and professional worker. Experience Level. Coordinated pick-ups and deliveries with clients, prioritized routes based upon job size and complexity. Summary : A Professional Driver/Operator, interested in a local truck driving position that provides frequent home time. Seasoned capability to establish and maintain effective … Transported passengers along a predetermined route in a timely manner per dispatch schedule. Inspected truck and all equipment for safe travel according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and reported defects and conditions of the tractor, incidents, and accidents during and after trips that may have undesirable effects to the freight. Action Verbs for a Truck Driver Resume Maintained professional driving skills and managed upkeep of vehicle services and maintenance. Maintained records required for compliance with state and federal regulations. Your resume … Format. Lists strong communication skills, ability to build rapport and professionalism. Operated Tractor/Trailer Folowing all FMCSA regulations, Performed daily maintenance and inspections to ensure equipment met all regulations, Created trip plans to meet all scheduled appointments. resume sample. Attentive and responsible Driver with 15+ years of experience as category B and C driver. Garbage Truck Driver … To obtain a Driver position with Amway Car Rentals. 1. Prepared and submitted logs in compliance with DOT regulations and company policy. Professionally drove semi- tractor-trailer from one location to another in a safe & timely manner. Skills : CDL Profession Truck Driver,, Social Services Case Management, Class B Professional Driver, Journeyman Iron Worker, Independant Sales Person. To obtain full-time employment with a business or corporation where I can utilize my work experience, training, and education to become a productive team player for the business in which I am employed. Reading maps and following verbal and geographic information, following company procedures, safety regulations, and traffic laws awards. Always watching my speed and maintaining adequate fuel are essential to making the fuel economy of the truck reach maximum potential. Daily safety checks of all equipment to ensure everything is in proper working condition, Operate Tractor-Trailer in a safe and efficient manner on highways and city streets, perform drop and hooks, Responsible for picking up and returning high-end vehicles (BMW, Jaguars, Lexus, Mercedes, etc.) Drove passengers to various destinations upon request, with knowledge of efficient routes. Creating a well-written, professional resume is the key to enhancing your chances at any job in the driving industry. Skills : Fluent In Both English And Spanish Language, CDL, Customer Service, Research, Staging, Professional Driving. A step by step guide to writing a professional resume for a truck driver position. Truck driver resumes often include a list of skills such as knowing how to maneuver a large vehicle, basic truck maintenance and repair, loading and unloading, and more, and these are skills you will learn in … professional driver. I am a highly motivated person who takes pride in a company's goals and protecting its assets. Eager to obtain a position in which I can maximize my customer service skills and extensive training experience as a professional commercial truck driver. Balanced and handled expense accounts for each trip by recording expenses and maintaining receipts. Writing a great Delivery Driver resume is an important step in your job search journey. 1. Transported heavy loads and unloaded all products to various retail locations across DFW, Maintained logs of miles driven according to the Department of Transportation regulations, Conducted pre and post equipment inspections of all equipment used, Coordinated daily delivery schedules based on customer schedules, peak delivery times and alternate routes, Processed shipment documents neatly and efficiently for each load, Obtained and maintained proper delivery authorization and pickup documentation, Conducted daily DOT pre-trip inspections according to a set checklist, Delivered customer orders to homes and places of business within established time frames, Interacted with customers and vendors in a friendly and timely manner, Positioned lifting devices under, over, or around loaded pallets, skids, and boxes, and secure material or products for transport to designated areas; Lifted freight and other objects of various shapes and sizes. and Local Tractor-Trailer experience. To provide professional customer service and use my skills and experiences for a position at a stable progressive company to achieve an exciting and rewarding career. The ideal candidate should demonstrate throughout his or her resume safe driving skills, communication and interpersonal abilities, time management, teamwork, and reliability. Efficiently estimating, scheduling and planning equipment/ material transport, while implementing cost-effective strategic procedures. Professional Truck Driver I Resume. Safely drive truck with bulk trailer, deliver product to processing plants, unload product to correct storage silos. Verified GPS coordinates with maps & state road regulations. Employers select resume samples highlighting skills such as safe driving… Skills : Microsoft Office, Management, Technical Support, Technical Support, Customer Service, Sales Management. Assisted customers during the moves with excellent customer service accountable for handling client property safely and efficiently. Get … Responsible for on-time safe delivery of products across the country. A high school diploma and a valid driving license are required for the post. career-switch. Obtained and maintained proper delivery authorization and pickup documentation. Delivered products across the country, adhering to U.S. Department of Transportation guidelines. Skills : Class A CDL Tractor/Trailer Combinations, Data Entry, Log Books, Maintaining Paperwork. Approximately 30,000 - 50,000 miles driven. Driver. Skills : Customer Service, Data Entry, Problem Solving, CDL Class A, Communication. Also having a high moral character and pride myself with ethics along with discretion. The duties included on the Professional Driver Resume include the following – carrying merchandise, loading and unloading cargo, updating driving log records, selling products to clients; collecting payments; making distributions, issuing receipts; driving customers to their destination, adjusting routes to avoid traffic, ensuring car seats are comfortable and clean; scheduling regular car service appointments; booking car wash and maintaining cleanliness of the vehicle. Enabled special requests in terms of moving furniture and made arrangements to meet all needs. Met with clients to discuss photography process and imaging layouts, Cleaned interior and exterior with hand, brushes and other relevant equipment, Polished vehicle and dry exterior, windshields, windows and mats, Parked and arrange vehicles for display for photography, Coordinated team planning for vehicle pickup and delivery, Communicated all complaints to dispatchers to ensure quality work, Observed departing guests to guard against theft of items at airports, Interact with customers from diverse cultures and backgrounds daily, Worked as a driver & transported clients safely to their destinations, Logged in incoming and outgoing trips and used a taxi meter log daily, Keep driver logs in compliance with federal regulations. Utilized time management skills that are key to delivering products on time. Operating all vehicle types, including vans, tanks, flatbeds, moffetts and raymond lift trucks. Responsible to maintain a neat and orderly storage lot oriented toward maximizing efficiency in servicing the plant needs. Maintained complete and accurate documentation of all customer interactions. Expert in maintaining good client relations and providing customer satisfaction. Transportation professional and equipment operator for the world's leading supplier of technology, integrated project management and information solutions for customers in over 85 countries in the oil and gas industry. Responsible for transporting goods from one place to another using a tractor-trailer truck. When writing your resume, be sure to reference the job description and highlight any skills, awards and certifications that … Assisted people with disabilities to embark and disembark; operated mechanical lifts, and secured passengers with safety restraints. Energetic and dependable driver with a solid record of safe transportation of passengers, offering great skills in... 2. Their duties include carrying merchandise, making distributions, loading and unloading cargo, updating driving activities records, selling products to clients on their route, and collecting payments. Let’s look at three different types of drivers (food delivery, package delivery, and delivery driver seeking to shift into a managerial role) and what their resumes look like. Ensured information on the UB30 was billed correctly. Correctly complete necessary paperwork for tracking billing and inventory. Driving to various destinations upon request, with knowledge of various cities and efficient routes. Successfully avoided time delivery delays by carefully planning the best routes. Working with others as part of a team which includes giving and receiving feedback, assisting others in completion of tasks, possess interpersonal, listening, and participation skills. Verify inventory computations by comparing them to physical counts of … First up is Kevin, who’s a food service delivery driver. Commercial truck driving includes Flatbed, Dry Van and Refrigerated trailers experience. The Resume Checklist will help you make sense of whether or not employers are also demanding these skills. I'm looking to join a company to achieve optimum utilization of its resources and help maximize profits. Duties included but were not limited to the safe transportation and on-time delivery of refrigerated freight. Features. Used 2-way radio and put in/pull out trailers as needed by the forklift drivers. Motivated Driver-focused on efficiently and safely navigating routes to guarantee incident-free, on-time deliveries. Delivered loads in a timely manner to consignee after being loaded at the shipper. Read bills of lading to determine assignment details reported any mechanical problems encountered with vehicles. To obtain a Professional Driving position in a growing company. Sample of Professional Driver Resume Anthony J. Operated vehicles designed to safely transport passengers with physical, emotional, or developmental disabilities. Create a Resume in Minutes with Professional Resume Templates. All rights reserved. Checked vehicles to ensure that mechanical, safety and emergency equipment is in good working order. Possess good driving record with the ability to use modern... 3. Operated and drove different kinds of trucks to transport goods and materials over long distances. Traveled with forklift in Metropolitan Area to deliver local goods. Inspected and maintained vehicle supplies and equipment, such as gas, oil, water, tires, lights, and brakes, to ensure that vehicles are in proper working condition. Based on our selection of example resumes, Professional Drivers are required to hold a commercial driver’s license and are offered on-the-job training. Personable, energetic and professional. Summary : Professional Truck driver with more than 13 years of experience, a clean record, and accident free. Summary : Organized, customer service oriented Professional Driver/Trainer seeks a challenging position where my achievements and contributions will set the foundation for advancement and growth. Works well with customers and keep a positive attitude. Physically assisted passengers upon entrance and exit of regulated vehicles as well as securely. Check it out at your next stop. This sample resume for a truck driver can help you get your own resume and career in gear.

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