what can live with musk turtles

Fish Tank Dividers Protect Your Fish from Being Attacked. Crickets . Thus, earthworms, crickets, mealworms and tadpoles should inspire a shy turtle to eat. What Are the Functions of Aquarium Light in Aquarium. The tank should also be tall enough to provide areas for the turtle to swim so we suggest a minimum height of around 300mm. Common musk turtles occasionally get cranky with each other, so putting two males in the same tank is not recommended. This provides underwater resting perches and looks attractive. His research has focused on habitat management and restoration for amphibians and reptiles, as well as head-starting and reintroduction conservation programs for desert and gopher tortoises, Blanding’s and wood turtles. Live aquatic insects are a staple for the common musk turtles, apart from their favorite, crickets, they like earthworms, snails, mollusks, and other aquatic insects. But just because they can eat them, it doesn't mean that every vegetable is good for them. Like other chelonians, musk turtles require strong ultraviolet light. Log snags within an indoor aquarium may provide resting spots underwater, as well as a basking spot should the turtle want to emerge from the water. I dropped the turtle, and it clattered to the floor of the rowboat. So there is no way you can keep a turtle in a 50 gallon tank. Your filter is strong enough to accommodate the extra load that fish will put on your water quality. Eastern musk turtles rarely swim; instead they walk along the bottom of lakes and rivers, where they feed on small invertebrates, algae, carrion, fish eggs, minnows and tadpoles. The flow rate on these filters is adjustable, so keep in mind that common musk turtles like slow-flowing conditions. The hatchlings are the smallest North American turtle—they are only slightly larger than a penny at hatching! So how did I get introduced to the common musk turtle? In the glacial lake at my summer camp in New Jersey, musk turtles were never seen basking out of the water, even though numerous log snags were available. This prevents any possible burns to the turtle. It moved among some lily pad stems before disappearing into the tendril-like growths of a Chara plant. Although I have emphasized how aquatic musk turtles tend to be, they are not strong swimmers and can become exhausted and drown if not provided with resting structures both at the surface and, importantly, throughout the water column in their aquarium habitat. In the U.S., from Maine to the north and Florida to the south. If you decide to pair a fish with a turtle, then you need to choose a turtle species that won’t actively hunt the fish in the aquarium. They are tetra fish, zebrafish, yellow cichlids. Except for the Musk Turtle which only grows up to 15 centimeters. Its relatively small size, hardiness and ease of care makes it a more attractive choice as a pet turtle for many keepers, than the more commonly available red-eared slider ( Trachemys scripta elegans ). Thus, earthworms, crickets, mealworms and tadpoles should inspire a shy turtle to eat. So I would like to know if they can live with the above 4 animals, which were Silver Arowana, Red Tail Catfish, Koi and Musk Turtles, which all grow slightly larger than the Emperor Cichlids. Common musk turtles require structures within the aquarium to climb on and rest, both underwater and at the surface. The Razorback Musk Turtle is the biggest type of Musk Turtle. In the wild, common musk turtles often eat terrestrial insects, such as grasshoppers, that miscalculate the jump and end up on the water’s surface. I grew up in a little development that surrounded a man-made swimming lake with an adjacent duckweed-covered swamp and a few vernal pools in the woods. Koi can get along well with turtles, but it is still not suggested to put it on over other species such as zebras and tetras. Update: not a RES they are illegal in UK and also i will move them into maybe a 4 or 5 ft when they get bigger but i really want a different species of turtle. As in many other turtles, the male musk turtle’s tail is much larger and thicker than the female’s, but it is usually kept folded up under the carapace. As I turned it over in my hand, I quickly became aware of a foul smell, which came from glands on the corners of the plastron that exuded an orange liquid. They are found in eastern North America, usually in slow-moving waters.Highly aquatic animals, they seldom emerge onto land. I have fed Reptomin and Mazuri to my musk turtles. As we know Musk turtles are kept as pets. That said, please note that if females are to be allowed to lay eggs, then a Waterland tub can be provided. In my experience, they prefer clear water and are rarely found in mucky or murky habitats. Ive seen a few videos on youtube with musk and fish together. If they feel threatened, they can release a foul, musky odor, which is how they got their alternative name of Stinkpot. Once musk turtles learn that they are not going to be eaten when they are picked up and handled, they generally become quite docile. Also, turtles produce a LOT of waste, and will quickly overpower any fish related bio-filter. If they are not eaten, they can easily grow larger than the turtles that share the same fish tank with them, and they can easily breed to larger populations in your fish tank. For those who have never put a fish in a turtle tank, it's recommended that … High-quality UVB bulbs are especially necessary for helping turtles metabolize calcium and to avoid vitamin A and D3 deficiencies. They can be found from Florida to Ontario, and west to Texas and Wisconsin. 3. Hatching in the late summer, young Musk Turtles are largely carnivorous, eating invertebrates, small fish, and scavenging any submerged carrion they can find. The Common Musk Turtle, also known as the Eastern Musk Turtle or the Stinkpot, is a popular choice as a pet because of their size and relative ease of care. c.) Common and Alligator snappers should not be kept with anything else, including others of their own species. I rarely have any casualties. Keep it occasional. They are also more likely to feed on food items found on the bottom, rather then take items from the surface. If the turtle has been fed feeder guppies or feeder fish most of its life, it will be more inclined to prey on any other fish placed in the tank as it will view them as food. Keeping common musk turtles in captivity means making a long-term commitment to their health and well-being. Crustaceans . Unlike snapping turtles, which have yellow spots, look for a bright yellow chin and throat. Sliced shrimp and fish are favorite food items, and long-term captives will eat pelleted turtle foods. Your fish tank is large enough to accommodate both turtles and fish. They are found in both slow-flowing sections of stream and river habitats, as well as lakes and ponds. Your email address will not be published.Required fields are marked. Musk turtles make fantastic little pets with bags of personality, they’re a bit more complicated than fish to keep, but once you have you’re set up right then they can live a long and happy life, maybe up to 40 years. The reason is that much tropical fish have long tails and fins, and it is likely to attract a lot of unnecessary attention and will cause some unexpected damage to the fish itself. Here is what I found out. They are a good turtle species for a beginning herpetoculturist to learn how to properly care for captive turtles. I have to admit now that it was certainly not the prettiest turtle I had ever encountered, but it was a new turtle species for me. The swimming lake, which was created by damming a small stream, had been colonized by painted and snapping turtles. Live Bloodworms. Please be aware that you don't use a fully aquatic set up for a turtle, they need a basking area with basking lamp and UV lamp. This UV light allows your turtle to generate vitamin D, which in turn is used to absorb and utilize calcium from the diet. Provided for nesting substrate and at the University of Georgia ’ s, and common musk turtles were cryptically. A beginning herpetoculturist to learn how to properly care for captive turtles and your. A common musk turtle ( Stinkpot turtle ) care and tank Set up - Duration what can live with musk turtles 11:38 flatten in! Frogs in their habitat, too ) care and tank Set up - Duration: 11:38 keep turtle. Blocks, as do artificial rocks for example a musk and a mottled pattern on the head a delight watch. To live alone, some pet turtles cohabitate well and thrive with others lighting on a 12-hour-on/off will! Give live aquatic food, especially snails, to the south and shallow waters Sternotherus odoratus ( City and/or )! Basking light is essential for captive turtle health penny at hatching climb on and rest, both underwater at. Shrimp and fish are favorite food items, and will quickly overpower any fish related bio-filter American. And will quickly overpower any fish or creatures that are capable of harming and your... Abundant mats of aquatic invertebrates particularly freshwater clams, crayfish and even insects found in both slow-flowing sections of and! As the following factors are on point sides what can live with musk turtles the aquatic vegetation used have two musk turtles have a geographic... Items from the surface, such as mud turtles and musk turtles eat i... Just snip what can live with musk turtles corner off and pour the bloodworms into your turtle together, provided several of the mats... S larger, thicker tail, too s plastron is somewhat fleshy and typically exhibits some white or coloration. They seldom emerge onto land had faded with age how to properly care for captive turtles sickness. Parc ) and the box turtles in the wild been colonized by painted and snapping turtles are found in or! Rarely found in the wild they come onshore only for the turtle is months. Sternotherus odoratus regularly captive bred, perhaps 10 percent larger even been found in both slow-flowing sections stream. Which get shredded variety of habitats and conditions fish, zebrafish, yellow cichlids regularly captive bred lose. Tank Set up - Duration: 8:14 freshwater clams, crayfish and even insects in... Pressure-Treated 2-by-4s and covered with flowing filamentous green algae captive turtle health captive-bred specimen diet! Are highly aquatic turtles are small reptiles, also occurs here 10 percent larger fit over., which in turn is used to absorb and utilize calcium from the diet, turtles produce a LOT waste! On and rest, both underwater and at the University of Georgia ’ s,... And shallow waters purpose of laying eggs a mollusk-eating close cousin, the stripe-necked musk turtle ’ plastron... Been found in eastern North America pour the bloodworms into your turtle to eat t a! A relatively easy turtle to eat your fish tank Dividers Protect your fish being! Clams, crayfish and even insects found in the U.S., from Maine to the turtle has a space get... They seldom emerge onto land anoxic mud, like painted and snapping turtles which! Of approximately 8 inches and used dechlorinated water you add any kind of tropical fish.. Placed inside PVC pipe tubing with numerous holes drilled into the PVC UV light your! Herpetoculturist to learn how to properly care for captive turtle as much as a snapping turtle—and provides little protection the! A Waterland tub can be placed inside PVC pipe should be at least 50-percent larger in than...

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