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Selfless Spirit. Almost never disappointed to draw into him. With a few bannings under its belt, the format has evolved a ton and now, without Oko and Once Upon a Time, playing strategies devoid of green is the best it has ever been. UW Approach. Approach of the Second Sun. UW Pocket Guide V1.0, 5 April 2016 3 Introduction This guide is a quick reference of Unconventional Warfare (UW) theory, principles, and tactics, techniques and procedures. Same with making Heart a 0/4. a guest . Authority of the Consuls works well against Mono Red and UW God Pharaoh's Gift, so i liked it. ... Infect is an easy matchup as long as you know what to play around and when to time your removal. U dient uw huidige pincode te weten om deze te kunnen wijzigen. Print. Clearly communicate expectations 2. Blinking any creature in your deck once is reasonable value, but being able to do it continuously is very powerful. My content includes competitive Merfolk gameplay videos, sideboard guides, MTG news discussion, Interviews with other MTG Masters, Grand Prix vlogs, a Merfolk Strategy Guide, and general competitive MTG advice. This can be customized to fit your needs, but we found having a nice suite of cards gives us extra options for games two and three. It presents recent builds, explains sideboard plans, and discusses pre- and post-board roles. I think you misspelled White Fatal Push, which I run 2 of in my UW approach deck. This might be an answer too because at least it cycles which is what this deck wants to do a lot of. Cookies help us deliver our Services. The higher something is within … Jun 9th, 2017. coг»t moyen. I currently play negate which has been pretty good. On top of that, you have GQs to disrupt their Tron lands and a great sideboard plan. Never . I hated Aether Meltdown with so many cards in the deck. Thanks for the write up! A lot of persons asked for a sideboard guide for UW-Control! That was easy. Wizards of the Coast has just announced Pioneer as the newest format that will receive support on both Magic Online and in tabletop with PTQs and several Grand Prix events showcasing the format next year. Thalia and Spell Queller are your friends, and Supreme Phantom is great (especially off of a vial). I will use Authority of the Consuls on my Sideboard and remove 2x from the main deck :). I played rebuffs for a while and they were great but against some decks you didn't want it at all. Supreme Phantom. I tough matchup has been Temur energy and a heavy control deck like UB. This here is a list of the most effective modern sideboard staples. At least with this sideboard I have here. I think you want all 4 Cast Out and as many copies of cards that let you dig as possible (Censor/Glimmer/Cast Out/Supreme Will) with the exception being that 3 Illumination is fine. Not a member of Pastebin yet? I think more than having a sideboard guide from a person that made some results is to know what strategy do you want after game 1. 63 . Searing Light - (G) (SF) (MC)[[cardname]] or [[cardname|SET]] to call - Updated images, I am interested on trying: immolating glare, Gideon of the Trial aaand Negate maybe!! auteur. Updated Jun 24, 2018 by Femme_Fatale using our MTG Deck Builder. Mainly because many games you are digging for fumigate and drawing into descend would be backbreaking. The lifegain is also very crucial. Welcome! Making 4cmc Hazoret a 1/4 for 2 mana is perfectly reasonable. You can set up devastating blowouts with your sweepers with a card like Gideon and Meltdown by forcing opponents to overextend and get mopped up by your sweepers and you will definitely be winning the card advantage game against any deck where sweepers would be relevant anyway. Het ideale swingtempo. Various sideboard cards to bring in: Fragmentize/Disenchant. Negate just because. Obviously a little different deck but the basics should be similar enough. Teferi [Deutsch] magicshibby. Categories: Pioneer; ... looks to keep the board in check with cards like Supreme Verdict and then eventually winning the game with our namesake Approach of the Second Sun. People are starting to know the deck more, which means they will just attack with the creature to avoid blessed alliance. Thanks a lot!! 1 or 2 of rebuff is enough to be useful yet not an annoyance. Press J to jump to the feed. 4 Blessed Alliance 4 Censor 4 Glimmer of Genius 3 Hieroglyphic Illumination 4 Supreme Will, 4 Aether Meltdown 2 Authority of the Consuls 3 Cast Out, 1 Blighted Cataract 1 Scavanger Grounds 4 Irrigated Farmland 9 Island 6 Plains 4 Prairie Stream, Sideboard: 2 Authority of the Consuls 4 Gideon, Ally of Zendikar 1 Negate 4 Regal Caracal 4 Spell Queller, in doubt: 4 Aether Meltdown 2 Authority of the Consuls.

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