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Bob Harper Opens Up About His Road to Recovery. Bob Harper. BOB HARPER’S HEART ATTACK SURVIVOR STORY. Heart disease can happen to anyone — even the fittest trainers. He was at the gym when it struck. Bob never considered that a heart attack could happen to him. The former trainer and host of NBC’s The Biggest Loser, Harper, 52, had a near-fatal “widow-maker” heart attack and was in full cardiac arrest — his heart stopped. The longtime trainer suffered a heart attack in February 2017, and was … When the ambulance got there they shocked him back to a heart beat. Bob Harper has partnered with Survivors Have Heart to ensure all heart attack survivors have a community and access to resources during their recovery process. The then 51-year-old Daily Burn Black Fire trainer was in top shape, followed a healthy Paleo diet and had routine check-ups with his cardiologist. Bob Harper suffered a heart attack that nearly killed him in 2017 — and it made him question everything, from his career to his relationship with … Bob Harper, the celebrity fitness trainer from the TV show “The Biggest Loser,” suffered a heart attack last year. He was the picture of health. Bob Harper on Surviving a Heart Attack and Cardiac Arrest. The heart attack prompted Harper to switch up his workouts, adopt the Mediterranean diet, and start taking Brilinta, a medication that lowers his chances of having another heart attack. Bob Harper has reassured his fans he is on the mend, after the Biggest Loser star suffered a major heart attack. Celebrity trainer Bob Harper had a surprise heart attack in 2017. Bob Harper knows a thing or two about having to change up your lifestyle. My heart stopped. Now that Bob Harper is on the road to recovery, everyone wants to know how such a horrific thing could happen to someone who is supposed to be so healthy. Fitness guru and heart attack survivor Bob Harper is living proof. In this video, personal trainer Bob Harper and Dr. Oz discuss the genetic condition that caused Harper’s life-threatening heart attack. When Bob Harper had a near-fatal heart attack last February, it was the last thing he thought could happen. Bob Harper had a near-fatal heart attack on February 12, 2017. Specifically, everyone wants to know if exercise is what almost killed him. Bob Harper’s Heart Attack and aftermath. “I never thought that I was going to have a heart attack,” says Harper. In February 2017, when he was 52 years old, Bob Harper unexpectedly had a near-fatal heart attack; he was working out at the gym at the time, and immediately went into a cardiac arrest. In February, celebrity trainer Bob Harper—a famously fit CrossFitter—suffered a “widowmaker” heart attack and went into cardiac arrest at his gym. As a health and fitness expert and a best-selling author, Bob Harper inspired audiences nationwide to get fit. Since then, he’s made some serious changes and discoveries about how he lives his life—especially when it comes to his post-heart attack diet. Fitness trainer Bob Harper is a recent heart attack survivor. 6 Unexpected Effects of Heart Disease. He was working out at a gym … “I used to be very much a high-protein, high-fat type diet, and now there’s a lot more balance. As most of you know he suffered a near fatal heart attack. Now he’s recovered and spreading awareness about survivor heart health. He was given CPR and AED and was turning blue. WILMINGTON, Del.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--AstraZeneca, in continued partnership with Bob Harper, a health and fitness expert, best-selling author and heart attack … In an exclusive interview with TODAY’s Savannah Guthrie, celebrity fitness trainer Bob Harper talks about the shocking heart attack he suffered 50 days ago. Bob Harper, the 51-year-old, super-fit host of weight loss reality show The Biggest Loser, had a heart attack while working out in New York City a couple weeks ago, he told TMZ today. Earlier this year, Biggest Loser trainer Bob Harper suffered a heart attack while at the gym—and now he's speaking out about his ordeal. Bob Harper’s Health Catch-22. I was watching Rachael Ray this morning because Bob Harper was on. Today, Bob is passionate about another kind of training: emotional recovery. But it did. A heart attack can happen to anyone—even if you don’t have the typical heart disease risk factors. Bob Harper, a longtime trainer and host of The Biggest Loser, suffered a serious heart attack two weeks ago, TMZ reports. Bob Harper Met the Stranger Who Performed CPR During His Heart Attack On a recent appearance on The Dr. Oz Show , the Biggest Loser trainer met the … Medically reviewed in September 2018. Every 40 seconds, an American has heart attack. He opens up about his recovery process, learning to trust his heart again, and what happened on the day he had his heart attack. "I was in full cardiac arrest.

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